It’s the most radical time of the year!

Philadelphia Holiday Games (The Santa Experience) is exactly the same as the regular Escape The 1980s game, but with special extras including:

– FREE Photo With Santa
– There will be singing
– In-Game Surprises

It’s the exact same game as Escape The 1980s — but with a little more HO.
Play a game marked “The Santa Experience“, and feel something you’ll only feel once in your adult life: The desire to MEET Santa. That’s right. You’ll actually feel excited about the jolly old cherub.

Do the right thing and beckon a real, live 1980s Santa who will “ho ho ho” his way into your game with something you need. At the end of your experience, your team will get the ULTIMATE Facebook token: An electronic photo of your group with our 80’s Santa, uploaded to Facebook. Let the “likes” begin.

Throw in a few extra bucks and get a glossy print of your motley crew hanging out with the boss. You can use props. You can strike a group pose. This may be the last time in your life you’re hanging on the fridge in a photo with Santa.

Everybody say “HO”!

Santa Experience tickets are available in a limited number of slots. Tickets are made first available to those on our waiting list.

Purchase tickets here.