Did you know that The Bourse is located in America’s most historic square mile? Our neighbors include Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. And just a few blocks down are The Declaration House, Betsy Ross’ house and Washington Square. 

But before construction started on The Bourse back in 1893, Black Bear Tavern, and the homes of the artist, Thomas Sully, and music publisher, William Blake, all sat on the land. The area was a meeting place for artists and writers alike. In fact, George Washington had his portrait painted in William Blake’s house in 1798, a year before his death. 

The Bourse opened in 1895 as a commodities exchange. And after 124 years, The Bourse still stands in glory as one of the most recognized buildings in Philadelphia. So while you are celebrating America’s birthday this year, be sure to soak in the rich history that surrounds you stop inside The Bourse! Happy birthday USA!